width-1QDL LOGISTICS (PVT) LTD stands as the cornerstone of the AFI Group. We are licensed International Freight Forwarder and Goods Transporter based in Pakistan, operating Worldwide & providing One-Window Logistics solution with strategic planning.
With Inland Transportation/Trucking all over Pakistan, We are currently Providing 200+ Cargo Vehicles per day &over 7000 Cargo Vehicles per month to move across the country to our Prestigious Customers.
With over 35years of experience in Logistics and Transport Market, We are currently working with Giant Industries of Pakistan and generating more than $30m revenue and contributing to economy since 1986 with strong supply grip.
Scheduling, Execution, Handling and Supervising of supply events with the goal of creating a competitive advantage in an organization, leveraging Global Logistics, harmonizing demand with product and computing results.

Cargo Handling

Customers can choose from a wide range of services;

– Complete Consultancy,

– Pre-Shipment Consultation,

– Pre-Shipment Inspection,

– International Trade Documentation,

– Door-to-Door Logistics Support Systems, and/or,

– Any Customized Solution on need basis.


Chartering of aircraft has been a common practice for the cellular industry, aviation industry, and relief organizations in Pakistan for an extended period.

–Chartering Services: We often provide chartering services to their clients, helping them secure suitable vessels or aircraft for transporting their goods.

–Expertise: We have expertise in negotiating charter terms, selecting appropriate vessels, and managing the chartering process from start to finish.

–Risk Management: We help mitigate risks associated with chartering, such as fluctuations in charter rates, legal compliance, and vessel availability.

–Global Network: We leverage their global network of contacts and partners to secure suitable charters for their clients, even in remote or challenging locations.

Transit Trade

Expanding on the existing trade routes, Pakistan aims to enhance its transit trade to Central and South Asia, as well as China, through the development of its ports and road network. As an active participant in this development, Pakistan is poised to become a key facilitator of trade in the region.

–Definition: Transit trade refers to the movement of goods through a country to another destination, without the goods entering the country's customs territory.

–Purpose: Facilitates trade between landlocked countries and seaports, reducing transportation costs and transit times.

–Benefits: Boosts economic activity, creates employment, and enhances regional cooperation.

–Challenges: Infrastructure limitations, border delays, and regulatory complexities.

–Examples: Pakistan's Gwadar Port serves as a key transit point for goods destined for Afghanistan and Central Asia.

–Future Prospects: Continued investment in infrastructure and streamlined procedures can further enhance transit trade opportunities.